Volunteer with a purpose

MARK 10:45

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve, and give his life as ransom for many."

At BRC we intentionally follow Jesus' example of service to others by cultivating a lifestyle that reflects that. To us, volunteering has a purpose: to discover we how God made each one of us with unique gifts, talents and passions that we can use to help those around us. No matter the team, place or occasion, we know that our mandate is to put others first and in doing so, show them love through word and deed. As we serve, we grow because we're challenged to love AND live like Jesus did.

Serving Opportunities


We are looking ahead to inauguration of our brand new kids areas and adult seminar spaces! With them come new opportunities to volunteer:

Kids Guest Reception Hosts || 2 times monthly || Sundays, before each service

Each week we have new families visit our church. Our Kids Guest Reception hosts help the parents connect with Black Rock community and enroll their children in our Kids Ministry programs. They are informative and caring, so if you have a desire to help new families connect with our church, you are a great fit for this team!

Cover Team || 2 times monthly || Sundays, before each service

Team members welcome families as they enter our Kids Ministry areas. They assist parents with check-in at our Kiosks, check security badges and support the safety of our children. 

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Meet the Director of Serving

Get an individualized look into serving!

If you are unsure about where and how to begin serving, let's talk! We'll take a look at your interests, experiences and passions to help you think of ways to cultivate a lifestyle of serving others. We'll also go over our onboarding process and fast track your steps to joining a Serving Team. Just fill out the form above and under "What team are you interested in?" select "I am not sure" to request an appointment with the Director of Serving. We'll follow up with you shortly.