Prayer Partners: I Will Pray

Engage in God's work around the world through the power of prayer

Become a Prayer Partner

Influence the world from your home!


Did you know that we partner with 81 families and organizations in 33 countries around the world who spread the Gospel and serve millions of people through relief work, church planting, medical assistance, discipleship, training, and so much more?

Our goal is for every one of these partners to have at least 10 Prayer Partners and we invite you to join us in providing this coverage. SIGN UP NOW

What does it mean to be a Prayer Partner?

  • Pray at least weekly for your Global Partner(s)
  • Send them an occasional note of encouragement or Birthday card during the year*
  • Send them a care package if possible

BRC Missions and our Global Partners will provide:

  • Monthly updates of prayer needs
  • Notifications of any urgent prayer requests from the field
  • Regular newsletters from Global Partners that include their personal prayer needs
  • Your Global Partners will also pray for you!

How To Pick a Global Partner:

  • Select an area of the world that God has laid on your heart and we’ll match you with a partner there
  • Select a ministry focus that you are passionate about and we’ll match you with a partner who shares your heart
  • Write in the name of any Global Partner(s) that you’d like to continue praying for or someone new that you’d like to partner with (see attached list)

* When communicating directly with your Global Partner(s), please note that some require “caution in correspondence”. To protect their lives and ministry, please do not comment on their work and refrain from using terms such as: “missionary”, “ministry”, “Bible” etc.