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Missions in Action is an online community in our Realm communication platform where you can stay connected to what God is accomplishing through Black Rock’s involvement around the world. Hear real time stories from the field, interact with some of our global partners, respond to urgent prayer requests and learn how to take your next step forward.


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IT'S STILL CHRISTMAS AROUND THE WORLD | Throughout this month, we'll have a few of our Global Partners share stories about how Christmas is celebrated (or not) in their host countries. Today, Anneli shares about her experience in Sweden.

"One thing about Christmas in Sweden is that we have VERY dark winters. The farther north, the darker (aka in way up north in Kiruna the sun sets on Dec 10 and doesn't rise again until Jan 3 this year!). Where I live, the shortest day will be the sun rising at 9am and setting at 2:30pm. I have noticed how Swedes appreciate when the sun does shine; everyone will take breaks from work to go walk outside and get sunlight. There are also a lot of lights that are hung in windows, especially these big star lights (see attached picture). Christmas lights here (since you turn them on at about 2pm...) are even more of a reminder for me of John 1: a light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it. The darkness points to the brokenness of the world, but the lights are that much more beautiful and hopeful, constant reminders of what Christ's birth means for us. I've been happy to adopt Swedish traditions of lighting candles and hanging our star light in the window to celebrate Christmas and remember that the darkness cannot overcome the light!"