Sign Up and Attend an Info Session Sunday April 28

Baptism at Black Rock

Baptism Service | May 12 | Attend an Orientation Session April 28

Baptism is an amazing opportunity for followers of Christ to proclaim their love for Jesus, and to glorify God by being obedient to His instructions in the Bible. It's so much more than just a tradition - it's a celebration of the new life that Christ has given us!

If you're interested in being baptized on May 12 Sign Up Now and plan to attend one of our Baptism Orientations Sunday April 28. These 15-minute sessions are offered following each worship service.

When you are baptized, we will present a short personal testimony that you will supply to us. We have volunteers who read the testimonies of those being baptized, so don't worry if public speaking isn't your thing! To begin to prepare this testimony, reflect on Christ's work in your life by trying to answer the following three questions:  

  1. How did you become a Christian?
  2. What difference has faith made in your life?
  3. Why are you being baptized now?

If you've never written a testimony before, don't worry! We have a team of volunteers ready to help you write the story of what God has done in your life!